Haute Heirloom

Collectible Pieces that will Elevate Any Room

Mesa Console | Magni

Handcrafted in Southern California, the design is a tribute to the buttes of Monument Valley

Los Angeles | Jean de Merry
San Francisco | Coup d’Etat

Gilded Cone | Rose Uniacke

The result of a five-day gilding process, the internal surface of each light is meticulously prepared to receive a burnished layer of 23.5-carat gold.

Los Angeles | Una Malan

Allure Desk | Mitchell Gold

Streamlined desk adds modern style and an expansive surface to a home office or bedroom, where it can also work as a vanity.

Orange County | Beverly Hills | Glendale

Artemis Lamp | Stephen Antonson

A new design from the Brooklyn based master of plaster. A classically trained sculptor and painter, he brings his broad knowledge of these disciplines to his work.

San Francisco | De Sousa Hughes

Bonhams Chair and Ottoman | John Pomp

The tufted, distressed leather cushion on a metal frame with brass embellishments; chair includes a detachable, brass weighted headrest pillow.

San Francisco | De Sousa Hughes,
Los Angeles & Laguna Niguel | Thomas Lavin